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One thing that I can say about this Breeder is customer service, it’s EXCELLENT AND BEYOND! I had a nanny service to Helena MT and it was great. The next day they called me to see if everything was good with the puppy. I am very grateful because my new puppy is beautiful, playful, and charming.

Jemma Stone

My experience with White Maltese Puppies Home from start to finish was excellent. We were looking for a teacup sized Maltese and they really were amazing finding us exactly what we wanted, little fur baby. Everything was professional and on the up and up. Thanks again.

Kelly Joe

The best puppy service ever! Amazing personalized treatment and beautiful high-quality puppies! Sam is very nice and its service is something you can’t find anywhere else! Highly highly recommend it! Larissa Gonzalez

Stella Alba

All thanks to «White Maltese Puppies Home» i now have my a Teacup Maltese puppy, The puppy arrived safely and in the best health condition like they mentioned, if this is your first time buying a puppy online i will recommend you buy from «White Maltese Puppies Home» because they are the best.

Kyle Simon

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Brittany Foxx

’ve wanted a Teacup Maltese for over twenty years, and finally made it happen. «White Maltese Puppies Home» has been a true blessing my life. Thank you «White Maltese Puppies Home» for providing a safe place to find furry family members. I’d recommend your service to anyone looking for a furry friend to reach out her

Kristina Jones gave me not one, but TWO of the most beautiful puppies I have ever seen. The quality of their babies far exceeded my expectations. I literally can’t go anywhere without getting stopped by everyone who sees them. Personally, there’s nobody better in this business and I will ALWAYS refer them to anyone who asks. I’m beyond grateful for this company. Thank you guys so much!

Mark Foster

I’m absolutely in love with our little boy, however he’s not so small anymore. At his last vet visit he was 2.4 and that was a month ago. He and our older dog, McDuffy, get along very well. We will be taking Tudor to puppy classes shortly, but has had training at home.

Samantha Gilbert

Just thought I’d give you a update on our beautiful girl. She has gotten massive and is only a year old! Her temperament is outstanding and she picked up on training much quicker than other dogs. Excellent around children and other animals!!. We will definitely be buying another puppy from you soon.”

Edward Woo